Non-adherence to
treatment regimens and medication therapy

has long been recognized
as a substantial roadblock to
achieving improved patient
health outcomes.

Source:  Cutler, DM, Everett, W. Thinking Outside the Pillbox:  Medication Adherence as a Priority for Health Care Reform.  The New England Journal of Medicine, published on April 7, 2010 at
      TIPHealth adherence
strategies and initiatives are:

• Deployed through cost-effective   digital, mobile and Internet-based   social media
• Tailored to accommodate
  patients’ needs, values, beliefs   and self-efficacy
• Collaborative and interactive
• Patient-centered
• Designed to deliver positive,   measurable clinical and financial   outcomes
      We are dedicated to
initiating and shaping change in America's health
care delivery system

by designing and building Tailored Interactive Patient Health initiatives that link provider services, patient treatment protocols, patient preferences and medication therapy management.
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