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Non-adherence to treatment regimens and medication therapy has long been recognized as a substantial roadblock to achieving improved patient health outcomes.

We design and build tailored, interactive adherence initiatives deployed through digital, mobile and Internet-based social media that help patients achieve the maximum results from their prescribed treatment regimen and from their medication therapy.

Source: Cutler, DM, Everett, W. Thinking Outside the Pillbox:  Medication Adherence as a Priority for Health Care Reform.  The New England Journal of Medicine, published on April 7, 2010 at,

In times of hypercompetition and nonstop change, one of the best ways to stand out and differentiate your organization from your competition is to stand for ideas and practices that are truly unique and cost-effective.

Your organization can build patient/consumer trust and establish a competitive advantage for your products by deploying Tailored Interactive Patient Health adherence strategies and technology-driven adherence initiatives that are designed to:

Engage and motivate patients through digital, mobile and  Internet-based social media to take an active role in managing their treatment regimen; improving  their medication-taking behavior; and, adopting  healthy lifestyles
Deliver health interventions tailored to the unique needs of individual patients based on their values, attitudes, culture, self-efficacy and literacy
Establish technology-driven communication links and interactive feedback loops between patients, pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers
Provide cost-effective methods to reach large populations of  appropriate patients optimizing the value of your products
Demonstrate positive clinical and financial outcomes
Build  value-based loyalty with patients, providers, payers and the public
Engage individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
Identify and address diversity focused patient needs
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Interactive patient-centered initiative improves statin adherence by 21.9%
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Tailored Interactive Patient Provider Solution helps patients and their doctors make smart choices that deliver efficient care tailored to patient preferences.
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Tailored, interactive cardiovascular and asthma treatment adherence initiatives are designed to engage and motivate patients to take an active role in managing their treatment regimen; improving their medication-taking behavior; and, adopting healthy lifestyles.


In collaboration with Bio-Pharma and Health Plan organizations, we  design and build integrated digital, mobile and Internet-based Cardiovascular and Asthma initiatives that emulate a personal counselor/case manager.

Through TIPHealth initiatives, a digital case manager is introduced to patients  to access each patients’ unique health care needs and to determine the personal barriers, attitudes and values that interfere with patients becoming engaged and motivated to take an active role in managing their treatment regimen; in learning new skills to assist them in improving their medication-taking behavior;  and, in adopting healthy lifestyles. 

“Patients with chronic conditions make day-to-day decisions about—self manage—their illnesses. A central concept in self-management is self-efficacy—confidence to carry out a behavior necessary to reach a desired goal. Self-efficacy is enhanced when patients succeed in solving patient-identified problems. Evidence from controlled clinical trials suggests that programs teaching self-management skills are more effective than information-only patient education in improving clinical outcomes.” 1
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Reducing Pulmonary Disease:
The Pharmacist's Role in Smoking Cessation
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Tailored Interactive Patient Health Initiatives result in
a strong value proposition for your company, your products and/or your services.
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