We design Tailored Interactive Patient Health adherence strategies and build technology-driven adherence initiatives for large public and private employers, pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, Physician Practice Organizations, pharmacy chains, managed care organizations, hospitals, universities, health care providers and medical device companies. Our strategies and initiatives are designed to:

                One out of eight
heart attack patients stops taking their prescribed life saving medications after just one month.
Source:  Adminon,  ID, Patients Often Stop Taking Heart Attack Drugs. Archives of Internal Medicine, September 25, 2006.
  Our patient-centered adherence strategies and  initiatives are designed to differentiate your products/ services; to provide
your company with a competitive advantage in
the marketplace; and, to deliver positive clinical and financial outcomes.
    Deliver positive clinical and financial outcomes      
      Engage and motivate patients to take an active role in managing their treatment regimen; improving their medication-taking behavior; and, adopting healthy lifestyles      
      Establish technology-driven communication links and interactive feedback loops between patients, pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers      
      Develop interactive adherence strategies, treatment adherence plans and health management initiatives, deployed through digital, mobile and Internet-based social media, that are tailored to a patient’s values, culture, beliefs, self-efficacy attitudes  and lifestyle challenges      
        Improve health outcomes by increasing patients’ adherence to their treatment regimen and to their medication therapy        
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